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billboard-37080_1280-300x227I look up. In big letters, I see it:


Next to the large word, I see the smiling faces and telephone number. It’s a new billboard. I drive down the road. Less than half a mile down the road, I see these words on another billboard:

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With the recent verdicts in California and New Jersey against manufacturers of defective transvaginal mesh products, the flood of lawyer advertisements will begin. Many women have suffered severe personal injury and disability from these products. They have questions. They need good legal help.

Alabama is fortunate to have a number of attorneys who are very skilled in handling defective product claims. The same is true for other states as well. How do you tell the good lawyers from the bad? How do you tell which ones will actually represent you as a person and not as a number? How do you tell which ones actually know how to prepare a case for trial? Any lawyer can scream call me from a slick website, billboard or television screen.

In the last week since the latest mesh verdict, I have received several mass emails from lawyers claiming they are “national law firms” and seeking these cases. One attorney from another state even called me. What were his credentials? I looked him up. What did I find? A solo attorney with a new law degree and a brand new firm. This marketer with a law degree did have experience creating websites prior to law school. Was he really going to handle complicated defective product claims across the Untied States? Do you think he understood the specifics of Alabama law and how if differs from other states? Do you think he had ever tried a case or even examined an expert witness? I’ve worked with doctors, prepared experts and deposed witnesses to build these cases. I suspect this marketers intentions were different – sign the case just for referral.

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