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Ten Steps Nursing Homes Can Take To Prevent Needless Injuries From Fire Ant Attacks.

Several months ago, I wrote a post discussing fire ant attacks in Alabama nursing facilities. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be safe places for our elderly. Yet, over the last decade, fire ants have injured and killed elderly residents in numerous facilities across the southeastern United States.

Recently, three nursing home employees in Alabama were criminally convicted for elder abuse following a vicious fire ant attack on an elderly patient. That attack made the news but so many others go unreported.

A few years ago, we worked on a case involving a vicious fire ant attack at an assisted living facility in Huntsville, Alabama. The injuries were devastating to a sweet elderly patient and her family.

You can read my longer article at Fire Ants Are A Serious Danger For Nursing Home Patients. Because this issue is so serious for many families, I wanted to re-visit it. Our elderly family members should be honored and treasured. Many assisted living facilities make this promise to us. Yet, they operate with too little staff and too little supervision to keep our loved ones safe. I prepared a slideshow detailing ten simple steps nursing homes can take to prevent needless fire ant attacks. Here it is:

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