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Blackwell Law Firm -- Helping Injured Healthcare WorkersSeveral years ago I wrote about one of the most dangerous jobs when it comes to work-related injuries — Nursing. You can read my prior article at, Health Care Workers Have High Rates Of Injury. At one time, a National Public Radio (NPR) study even called nursing “one of the most dangerous jobs in America.”

What about jobs like construction or law enforcement? Those professions have pretty high risks of injury. According to research, back and other injuries occur at much higher rates in nursing than in the construction industry.

Think about it. Nurses are on their feet for pretty long shifts. And, they regularly lift or move heavy patients. How many professions require a worker to routinely lift or move objects weighing over 100 pounds? Not many. Keep in mind — Some patients don’t cooperate which makes the lifting much more difficult. Ask a hospital nurse about moving an uncooperative patient!

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An investigation by National Public Radio (NPR) called it “one of the most dangerous jobs in America.” What was this dangerous job? When we think of dangerous work, we routinely picture mining, farming and building trades. Yet, NPR’s investigation involved a very different type of work.

NPR’s study discussed nursing-related jobs in medical facilities. That is, when NPR discussed “one of the most dangerous jobs in America,” it meant nurses, nursing assistants and orderlies. According to NPR:

Back and other injuries occur in this profession at far higher rates than even the construction industry. It also sees more of these injuries than law enforcement.

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