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Ask most lawyers and they will tell you — seminars are typically boring. You sit in a bleak, windowless conference room. At the scheduled time, the speaker stands. The speaker then drones on and on (and on) until his time expires. By lunch, the audience is desperate for a break. After lunch, the audience struggles simply to stay awake. A few lawyers never return.

Yet, these boring events are necessary since our profession requires hours of continuing education each year. But, seminars don’t have to be boring. They should not be boring. They can, and should be, events where lawyers gather to mentor each other in their areas of practice.

I like to teach at least one seminar each year. I view these seminars as a great opportunity to meet other lawyers and to discuss issues important to my law practice. In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak a few times on issues involving personal injury, products’ liability, and workers’ compensation.

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Huntsville Personal Injury LawyersI’ve presented at several prior legal seminars planned and hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI). Our law firm focuses on constantly studying developments within personal injury law. So, we look for opportunities to teach or learn. NBI offers continuing legal education courses in numerous states, including Alabama.

On one earlier occasion, NBI planned a seminar aimed at providing practical advice from a panel of distinguished judges in northern Alabama. The attorney scheduled to host the question and answer session had to cancel. I served as a last minute fill-in. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the judges and audience of attorneys. Over the years, I’ve taught at several NBI conferences on the topics of Alabama personal injury law, insurance claims, car and commercial truck accident cases, and workers’ compensation injuries. On other occasions, I’ve attended as an audience member.

On November 17, NBI is sponsoring a seminar in Huntsville titled “Personal Injury 101.” When NBI approached me about being one of the seminar presenters, I was hesitant. Why? I initially thought the topic too broad to provide meaningful information in a one-day seminar. However, when the event planner at NBI explained the actual topics for discussion and the attorneys committed to presenting them, I quickly changed my mind.

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