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Huntsville Brain Injury LawyersA traumatic brain injury (TBI) can devastate an entire family. I’ve met many families struggling to understand and help their loved one function after such an injury. For some families, TBI changes can be tremendous. Several years ago, I read the story of a wife caring for her husband who suffered a life-altering TBI as a soldier in Iraq. That wife described the many changes in her husband and their relationship. She called it, their “new normal.” A family forever changed.

I’ve heard similar stories from relatives of my clients injured in industrial accidents and car crashes. Whether a life-changing TBI occurs on the battlefield, a construction site or a highway, entire families often suffer permanent changes.

TBI victims often suffer in silence to the outside world. The injured person struggles with their changed reality. So do their close loved ones. Many close relatives impacted by a loved one with a TBI will agree — Unless you live with someone who has a traumatic brain injury, it’s difficult to understand the impact of it.

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