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Blackwell Law Firm: Huntsville Injury AttorneysI rarely write about my current cases. However, some cases present special safety issues. Over the last couple years, I’ve represented the family of a paramedic who lost her life while helping another accident victim on the Interstate. This paramedic left behind a beautiful baby girl and a grieving young husband.

The story is a tragic one of a life cut short. The driver who caused her wrongful death was driving down the Interstate at speeds over 80 miles per hour on an icy, sleeting winter morning. That driver passed a prior accident where a deputy waved for him to slow down. Instead, he sped up. Eventually, he lost control while swerving between lanes. He skidded off the Interstate and onto the shoulder of the roadway where he struck and killed this young paramedic.

Like many drivers who recklessly put our lives in danger, he had very little insurance. Police arrested the driver at the scene. But, in the end, he suffered very little punishment. And, this grieving family now had to raise a child without a mother’s love, care, support, or income.

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